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Want higher ranking? Here is some of the latest DATA that can explain how to achieve 1st page Google Rankings.

Here is the most common question that Great Grey SEO receives daily: “what makes websites rank higher on Google?“.

Montreal Online Marketing Agencies question the major factors when it comes to 1st ranking on Google & other major search engines. This is a tough question to answer because the Google algorithm is changing constantly.

SEMrush is a firm that Great Grey SEO goes to for valuable, up to date SEO information. SEMrush recently analyzed what they consider to be major players for achieving high Montreal SEO rankings.

For nearly a decade, SEMrush has been used by the TOP SEO AGENCIES IN MONTREAL and around the world. They provide great SEO TOOLS & REPORTS that help Montreal SEO’s & Digital Marketing Agencies around the world – promote online visibility.

According to SEMrush, out of the over five hundred thousand keywords that they specified & their 1st Google rankings – they used a machine learning algorithm to determine the 12 key influencers to achieve 1st page ranking.

For every webpage, the below elements were reviewed:

Within the last few years, Google has showed preferential treatment to webpages that are SECURED. Specifically, websites with a HTTPS protocol attached to the existing domain or URL.

Ultimately, the information retrieved explains that the higher the webpage positioning, the increased amount of domains attached with HTTPS and the increased keyword percentages, the increase of HTTPS domains can be shown on all SERP rankings.

Therefore, it is crucial to purchase SSL certificates and receive HTTPS certification on your webpage. This can be done through most web hosting’s.

Moreover, when reviewing referring  domains, unique domains featured in your backlink profile is a huge component for high MONTREAL SEO rankings. Consequently, the backlink profile on websites must be varied and steady of safe domains compatible with your niche.

Money Sites that pop up on SERPs for high-quantity keywords have close to 10 times more backlinks than low volume keywords.

With that, determining appropriate backlinks that are already authorities in your specific niche is key. There are a number of techniques available. Here is a great start guide.

Furthermore, the time users spend on a given webpage is called “BOUNCE RATE” &  the numbers of pages per visit to your webpage helps identify user conduct patterns.

This information can determine if:

a) Content is attractive

b) The exploring on the site is handy

c) Manner of which the reader reacts to the content of your webpage

A website’s BOUNCE RATE is the number of website guests that depart from the site after examining one page. The better positioning on Google rankings  = A bounce rate that is very low.  Also, the number of pages viewed on the webpage and the time taken to peruse the content will help rankings for MONTREAL SEO in your given niche.

Thus, it is very important to ensure that your website is user-friendly. Additionally, it is recommended that all content on the site is positioned both clear and precise so your viewer will discover what they seeking.

Here is a good example for a construction business. The conversion goal may be a phone call to your clients office (the construction company). A positive conversion may be the searcher landing on the construction company’s home page from a Google search. After, navigating to a construction service listed on the webpage and clicking through to a contact form – to speak to a representative of the construction company.

It is imperative that your content is clear and interesting to the reader. This will confirm your searchers are made to stay on the website long enough for them to make decision to complete the contact form or place a phone call.

In addition, it can be argued that a webpage’s word count is a major ranking factor. Content with above twenty five hundred words provides a solid impression to the searcher.

The larger the content – greater the keyword volume. High Volume keywords should be displayed 1.5 more often than low volume keywords.

For highly competitive keywords use:

  1. Imagery
  2. Video Content
  3. Bullet points

A high end MONTREAL SEO practice will include keywords in your websites main on page elements. This would include but not limited to:

A) Title

B) Meta Description

C) Body

Recent analysis has shown that 70 % of webpages that have high Google Ranking = the greater the keyword volume,

The study found the higher a keyword’s volume, the higher the percentage of pages that include the keyword in their title and meta descriptions.

SO… Look at your webpage and conclude if your content has the appropriate keywords you are gunning to rank for.

In the end, our Montreal Digital Marketing Agency – Great Grey SEO hopes that this article brought you some value.  Please contact us for any  of your MONTREAL SEO needs.



How is your GOOGLE RANKING? Please find below some key points to consider for your Real Estate Firm‘s Google Ranking

I have embarked on many conversations with Real Estate Professionals concerning SEO. Many of them are from the old school, refusing to accept that ONLINE MARKETING is the best strategy for advertising their business.

Because Google is considered a mystery to anyone not familiar with SEO, one may shy away from the VAST POTENTIAL that a TOP MONTREAL SEO can bring forth.

Recent estimates on show that REAL ESTATE searches online have shot up 250% over the last several years. Now a days, potential buyers simply turn to Google for qualified Real Estate Agents.

Therefore, our MONTREAL SEO AGENCY will help draw organic traffic to your Real Estate professional website. This is what our MONTREAL SEO FIRM specializes in!

Simply put, it can be strongly suggested that SEO leads will help you close a deal faster than any other form of marketing.

Great Grey SEO looks at investing in MONTREAL SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION similar to purchasing a residence vs. renting. This investment – an investment in Montreal SEO is building equity in your brand. Whereas, if you do NOT invest in MONTREAL SEO SERVICES, you are simply running on borrowed time (much like renting) with nothing to show for your expenses at the end of your lease.

With that, think of the following MONTREAL SEO SUGGESTIONS when considering MONTREAL ONLINE MARKETING:


GOOGLE’S TARGET KEYWORD PLANNER, is a wonderful tool that helps determine the most sought after keywords pertaining to real estate online searches. Most potential buyers start with key words similar to: “Montreal Real Estate Agents”. Consequently, you start with these very popular key phrases and move from there.

Consistently maintain your website

Upon reviewing the most sought after keyword information for your niche, dive in using the target keywords for your desired page ONE ranking on GOOGLE . Our MONTREAL SEO FIRM will gladly explain this process for you. Though, a great hint that you should be aware of form the start is to NOT over optimize your website. This is when you use the exact same KEYWORDS too often in your sites content.

Citations & business directories & social media marketing

It is crucial to get your webpage on as many social media, citations and business directories. This WILL improve your MONTREAL SEO of your webpage. This is a organic process that Google appreciates. Nothing SKETCHY. Social media is a great venue to create awareness of your brand as well. Posting new SALES on INSTAGRAM & FACEBOOK for instance will show potential clients that you know what you are doing!


Tablets and cell phones are very powerful tools. Home buyers use these machines more often than not. Therefore, you must capitalize on this. It is very important that your MONTREAL SEO SPECIALIST maintains a mobile website for your website. If your webpage is NOT mobile friendly, you are loosing out on the vast numbers of searchers using their tablets or cell phones to look for new homes.


Google LOVES Content. RELEVANT content is something that boosts your MONTREAL SEO 1st rankings. Webpages with relevant blogs receive up to 65% more traffic. SO… capitalize on this! Post great information concerning your niche. Some examples are articles pertaining to Home Renovation, Home Design, Home re modelling.


MTL SEO Expert


SEO Agency Montreal


Our MONTREAL SEO AGENCY wishes to inform you of a few business related issues. Firstly, it is essential to determine how much sales you are losing by not being at the top of the search results for your industry. You must understand what people are looking for.  It is crucial to determine what is getting your competition ranked as well. This is essential for online marketing.


A very important component of online marketing is strategically placing your online brand in front of your customers. This will help your customers choose you! This is accomplished by using your website, videos and business related listings to dominate the first page of search engines. Great Grey SEO suggests using social media sites like Facebook, Google + & Instagram to increase your online presence.


Sit back and watch your revenue stream skyrocket. Know that all your potential clients are easily finding your business on the internet. With search engine first page domination, your sales will increase substantially and there will be no more need from credit lines at the bank.

MONTREAL SEO AGENCY & the Legal Profession

How our Montreal SEO Agency with the use of our cutting edge technology will generate sales for our clients

We are a Montreal SEO AGENCY & our team understands that marketing has always been an important tool for attorneys. However, with the advent of internet, the entire notion of marketing has changed for lawyers as it has provided them with a platform to gain an edge over their competitors in this market with cut-throat competition.

It has especially proved very useful for solo practitioners as it has allowed them to market their services without spending thousands of dollars on it like the big guys do. All they now need to do is build a quality website and use SEO techniques to maintain top rankings on search engines. It is cheaper than what yellow pages used to cost.

However, most lawyers are not aware of the various tools and techniques that can be employed to improve their website’s rankings in organic searches. This is the reason why it is important to have a deeper understanding of SEO for law firms as well as solo attorneys in MONTREAL.

SEO is all about optimizing website for the search engines so that your website remains on top of search engine rankings. It has two critical parts – Content and Technology. If you are working as a lawyer and want your website to perform better than your counterparts, then you must populate it with original and high quality content that not only attracts the user but keeps them engaged as well. The contents should also have high performing keywords. You must also have an understanding of your website’s technical structure so that you can use it your advantage to attract high traffic on to your website.

To have a better understanding of SEO, you must think like a search engine. Search engines focus on providing relevant results to their users. In addition, they also need to make sure that their users are directed to high quality sites which provide them with rich user experience. This is why sites which are too slow to load or have a complex navigation do not rank well on Google and other major search engines. Search engines also give importance to the quality of content as their aim is to provide its users with unique, informative and useful content.

Similarly, you must also understand what SEO cannot do for you. If you hiring an SEO agency in MONTREAL with the belief that your website will start ranking on the first rank of Google the very next day, then you are simply wasting your time and money.

What you need to know is that SEO is not a quick fix thing. Search engine’s algorithm undergoes frequent changes and upgrades. So a certain SEO technique that worked for some other lawyer a while ago may not provide the same set of results to you. It is termed as organic process as it may take some time to achieve your goals.

A professional and honest SEO firm will tell you that SEO is an ongoing process that requires consistent efforts from your end as well to get better results. The key here is to focus on user experience, which again is a combination of technical factors and content that will prove useful in building a high quality website that users adore.

If you do not have much idea about SEO, then you can consider the services of GREAT GREY SEO, a highly professional MONTREAL SEO AGENCY, that will help you build a site that can give you an edge over your competitors by providing rich and unique experience to your users. To know more about their SEO services, please contact our sales department @ 1877 925 5737.

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We are a Montreal SEO Agency and we know that Search Engine Optimization can help build your construction company’s brand and ultimately increase your bottom line. According to a recent blog issued by the Construction Marketing Association that states:
Google has increasingly favoured local businesses in its search engine results. Local search is affecting industries across the board and construction is no exception. Moz recently released the most important SEO factors and were extraordinarily thorough. We have condensed the results into a list of its 10 key SEO ranking factors”.
Ultimately, SEO is a huge tool to grow your brand

Back in the day, the Yellow Pages was the go to marketing venue for contractors. However, in the year 2017 – potential clients use search engines to find reputable construction companies.

Therefore, search engine optimization is the key to securing high first page ranking on Google & other search engines.

A recent study has shown that 97 percent of the client base search for local businesses with the internet. With that, 73 percent of all online searches is directly correlated to local web sites. In order to dominate the local “search war,” you need to make sure that is site is properly localized. The NAP (name, address, phone number) must be identical wherever your site is listed on the internet. Also, geo tagging your content is ideal to determine your location.

GREAT GREY SEO IS A MTL SEO AGENCY that will build ON PAGE SEO. ON PAGE SEO ARE the elements on your webpage like: keyword, url, meta description & inbound / outbound links are so important for a quality SEO strategy.

Fundamental on-page SEO tactics include meta tagging. Moreover, meta descriptions, image tags and title tags fall under the meta tag umbrella.

Furthermore, when analyzing the tagging structure on your web page, you must make sure that all “TAGS” are pertinent to the construction services that your company offers and geographic location.

It can be argued that KEY WORDS listed in the URL of your web site will increase your ranking on Google. However, a professional SEO firm like Great Grey SEO is a MTL SEO AGENCY that understands the importance of banding. Therefore, your BRAND OR COMPANY brand name in the URL is easy to work with.

Link building if essential for high ranking on search engines. Linking your site to relevant sites that pertain to your services is a good SEO starting point.

Citations are a valuable asset for SEO’s. Citations are where your business appears online. Directories, Local blogs and industry-specific blogs are great assets for optimization of your web site.

Google+ allows you to create a profile for your business that will inevitably help your company’s local ranking. It is a free site offered by Google that is key to helping boost ranking on the Google Search Engine . You simply claim your local listing and create the profile.. When creating your profile, make sure to fill it out your Google+ page completely with quality, relevant content that is related to the construction services that your firm offers.

Determining a fair budget that is not on the cheap side will increase the percentages of 1st visibility on Google. You will only get charged when the pay per click add is ‘Clicked”. Google Adwords is a great Pay Per Click tool and is easily itemized to demonstrate the number of views, clicks & geographic location for the viewing of the add.

Review’s for your business is a great tool to help with ranking online. Page’s like Google+ & Yelp provide a great venue to increase the likely hood of your clients providing positive feedback on your business. Great Grey SEO suggests to link these pages to your landing pages in order to facilitate the review process for your clients.
In the end
A website that has focused on the above will help increase the search authority. On Page & Off page SEO are strategies that will boost your online visibility & your bottom line!




Our MONTREAL SEO AGENCY is proud to provide you some insight on how to use SEO on your small business website

Does the words SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION scare you? It should not. Great Grey SEO has taken the time to list a few “MUSTS” so that you, the small business owner, can SEO your company’s website

Q: How does a Search Engine (like Google) Work?

A: Google has 3 key actions: The First, to crawl the world wide web. The second, construct an index, designating potential search engine results.The third, providing searchers with a ranked archive of websites that Google has determined as relevant to your search.

Google Bots crawl the internet, chasing links to construct the thorough ranking system that they are known for. Thereafter, the Google Algorithm is what decides what sites are most relevant.

As a small business owner, the most essential part of developing a great SEO strategy is “KEYWORDS”. It is crucial to determine what KEYWORDS are relevant to your business or market. For Example, if you own a concrete repair company, some valuable long tailed key words would be: concrete repair contractor in Montreal. Or, Toronto structural concrete repair expert. Moreover, ranking for attractive keywords takes time and effort. Therefore, so it’s significant that your, the small business owner prepares and researches appropriate key words that are RELEVANT to your business.

Additionally, adding meta descriptions to your site supports Google and the searcher determine the content that is provided on your company web site.

Title & description are the main tags. Both your meta title and description should be updated on the regular.

Title tags are considered the most significant factor for SEO’ing your small business webpage. Google focuses attention to keywords that are in the title tag. Also, major search engines usually display the content for the title tag’s search results.  Ultimately, as the small business owner, focus on a descriptive title that outlines what your business is about. Between 35 and 55 characters is the way to go.

The description meta tags are expanded upon the title and the explanation of what your firms web site is about. This boosts your Search Engine Optimization; encouraging clicks from search results rankings. Compose the information that you write in a descriptive manner and is keyword embedded. The total number of characters should be less than 155.

In the end, these items will enable your website to get a good start for your new SEO campaign. However, for terrific 1st page results, we suggest consulting with Great Grey SEO to get your web site fully optimized. Our Montreal SEO company will work with your to achieve your business dreams.

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Back to the future: Why SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION IN MONTREAL is CRUCIAL to Your Business’s Success

BIG businesses have already BRANDED themselves in the minds of the consumer. Think of large corporations like Coca Cola, Nike, Reebok, Calvin Klein, The NEW YORK YANKEES.

Indeed, they are GLOBAL brands. However, they have not always been as popular as they are today. They all had a starting point, like YOU!

In our time in history, the number one factor in building brand awareness is search engine optimization or better know in North America as SEO. The business climate is very competitive. New competition is popping up all over our city. Therefore, it is crucial for small businesses to get themselves noticed on the internet. We are in a time in history where the internet is dominating our time, thoughts and business. Therefore, as smart entrepreneurs, we must capitalize on this fact! SEO is how you can create a loyal fan base – and Great Grey SEO a Montreal SEO Company will help you get your name out there!

Organic SEO for the Greater Montreal Area

Studies have shown that most internet searchers do not look past the top three ranked companies on the internet – for their desired search. In 2017, information is a mere click away. Therefore, it is imperative to be ranked at the minimum on the 1st page of search engines.  Our Montreal SEO Company will help you achieve first page ranking. This is the goal as a Montreal SEO Expert

Furthermore, when you take in to account other digital marketing strategies like social media, SEO offers a comparatively decent return on investment. If compared to more traditional methods such as television and print ads, SEO has a distinct cost advantages.

Montreal Search Engine Optimization is a footing for boosting your brand’s prosperity

However, SEO is not wizardry, but it will provide the basis for a solid marketing strategy.

Increases brand awareness

Study’s have demonstrated that the top position on Google search results provides more than a third of total page click-throughs. The concept of Search Engine Optimization is to lift your webpage up the ranks of Google so that your brand is at the top of the search engine results. Unfortunately, your brand is viewed as obsolete if you are not on the first page search results.

Our Montreal SEO Company will add credibility to your business by achieving 1st page ranking for your brand

Google BOTS crawl the internet, looking for relevancy. Web pages that are considered not relevant are pushed aside. The website that meet Google’s algorithm standards rank higher on search results. People take GOOGLE’s word as gold. If your page ranks, your brand MUST be credible. It is sad but very true.

Organic traffic

Search Engine Optimization is an inbound advertising tactic. It’s about offering a good or service that consumers are already looking for on the world wide web. Contrary other advertising technics, your brand or service is not being pushed into the proverbial lap of the consumer. It is the CONSUMER that is ALREADY looking for you. SO, capitalize on this fact and use our MTL SEO SERVICES to help you be on top of the pack – literally.

In the end, SEO is changing daily. you must rely on a reputable Montreal SEO COMPANY to get you ahead of the competition. If you don’t, if your competitors invest in SEO, you are already at a significant sales dis-advantage.